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12 Scrappie sheets per package

Our customers have been asking us for years what we do with those FireTacks® blanks after we die cut our FireTacks®. Many FireTacks® users want our material to put on various things for night visibility, but want to build their own systems in addition to using our FireTacks® products and want to do so economically. So, We bring you "Scrappies". We use to destroy this scrap material, but no more. These are the die cut scrap blanks left over after FireTacks® are assembled...super bright and what you see is what you get. These blanks range in size from 2 inch by 6 inch, to 2-3/4 inch by 6 inch. They are super adhesive with a peel off backing. The adhesive does not re-adhere well so once you stick them somewhere, they are pretty much there for good. DO IT YOUR SELFERS try our Scrappies to mark your trails or mark your your gear so you can find it in the dark, mark your running shoes so car headlights light you up at night, light up your dog's collar so the pooch is highly visible at night, mark your kids gear like roller blades and bikes... use your imagination !


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