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The following information is provided to help you understand FireTacks® product performance and how to use the FireTacks® e-commerece web site. Please e-mail webmaster if you would like additional information.

FIRETACKS® Product Performance - How to use FireTacks®

FireTacks® products are wide angle, retro-reflective, 3-dimensional, multi-directional and long lasting. FireTacks are made from 3M Prismatic material that has hundreds of microprisms per square inch.  FireTacks were lab tested at the 3M photometric lab using  a ""photospectometer"  and "goniometer" which measures reflectivity at various angles, in millecandellas (brightness) via computer.  Compared side by side with other trail markers, FireTacks® were proven to be the brightest and the best.  FireTacks® were also tested by hundreds of people in an independent study by the North American Hunting Club and earned their certification as well.

means reflecting light back to the light source.  FireTacks® can be seen best when your light source is near your head or shoulders because they reflect light back to the light source.  The reflective material in FireTacks® reflects back nearly 100% of the light hitting it.

means, FireTacks® come in Pyramid shape 3D, cube shape 4D, hex shape raised tack and trail tape that loops.  With reflectives on three sides, 3D and 4D can be see from many directions at a great distance.  So, if you get "off trail" you can still find your way.  Your trail literally lights up like an airport runway whether looking at it head on, or off to the side.

means FireTacks® can be seen even from the side, not just head on.  3D and 4D FireTacks have up to 270 degrees of directionality, depending on the size of tree or post you put them on.  GeoTacks® have a 120 degree angularity.  All have this directionality because of the prismatics built into the reflective material and because FireTacks® are 3 dimensional.

The reflective material in FireTacks® has hundreds of reflective microprisms encapsulated in the material, above a mirror back surface, with a tough top surface material to resist scratches or damage.  Prismatics work like a cat or deer's eye and are amazingly bright whether you use a tactical flashlight, or a small pinch light.

Some FireTacks® products are florescent, that is, light gathering, so they are hi-vis during the daytime and in low light conditions.  Blaze Orange, Ice White, and FireFly Yellow products, are all florescent.  Our Stealth Bright and Diamond Bright products are NOT florescent.  Florescent also means at dusk, FireTacks® still have a high luminance value for up to an hour even without a flashlight.

means the base tacks are quality plastic with coated pins to resist rust.  The reflectives are manufactured specifically to be applied to plastic and are the same type reflectives you see on construction work zone barrels, so they are impact resistant, high and low temperature resistant, and UV damage resistant.  Customers report leaving FireTacks® out in the elements year round and they last for many years without losing reflectivity.

FireTacks® can be used as a "system".  3D pyramid FireTacks® have a slightly larger surface area and can be seen from great distances.  However if you view them head on, they have a slight dead spot when the pyramid point is facing toward you.  That is where 4D cube FireTacks® come in.  4D has 3 faces with reflectives, so you can view them from the sides or head on.  They are a just a bit smaller in surface area so not quite as bright.  What this means is, use 3D FireTacks® on staight-aways or slight curves and use 4D FireTacks® at T-junctions, sharp turns, marking destinations or creating shapes out of them.

If you are using FireTacks® on private land, most any of the colors will do.  Computer measures of brightness tested FireTacks® are brightest in this order:  Ice White, Diamond Bright, Firefly Yellow, Blaze Orange, Stealth bright.  However, when humans tested FireTacks® for brightness, almost everyone chose the Blaze Orange because that color does not occur naturally in the outdoors so it was perceived as being brighter. Like little fires on the the trees, hence how our products go their name. If you are using FireTacks® on public land where you don't want others to find your trails, the best choices in order are:  Stealth Bright, Diamond Bright, or Ice White.

FireTape is amazing stuff. It is bonded 2-ply, 3/4 inch wide by 5 inches long with Velcro® (hook and loop) at each end.  You can use each tape alone, or in tandem for larger trees or posts.   It is the same material used in highway worker safety vests. You can put FireTape up and take it down fast, it is reusable, washable, and lasts for years.  FireTape is also "florescent" - meaning it is "light gathering" and stays visible without a flashlight at dawn and dusk conditions.  It is also UV light reflective.  It is more visible at longer distances because it has more reflective surface area.  It has many uses including marking trails, gear and equipment, blood trailing, marking fencelines, driveways, and many other uses.

E-Commerce Questions

To order an item from the product pages, click in the "Quantity" drop down menu beside the product you want and change the "Quantity" field from "0" to the quantity you would like to purchase. Once you have selected the products to order, click the "Put In Shopping Cart" button after the product.

When you click the "Put In Shopping Cart" button from any page, your product will be added and you will be taken to a page to see a list of what's in your online shopping cart.

You can also look at your "cart contents" at anytime by clicking the "Cart Contents" button on the left side of the page. You will then be taken to your "Webcart" page where you will see the contents of your online shopping cart. At this time you will see a subtotal and can modify your order by taking away any products or changing the quantity of any products.

After viewing this page you may continue your shopping by clicking any buttons on the left side or by clicking on the Fire Tacks logo to go back to the main home page.

At any time, when you've finished shopping, you may click the button or "link" on any page (usually at the left) that says "Cart" or "Check Out." If you want to review your purchases before checking out, please click the "Cart" "Link". After you review your products for purchasing, click the "Check Out Now" button at the bottom of the list.

When you get to the "Check Out" page, you can provide your billing and shipping information. Then you should click the "Review My Order" button which will show you all of your shipping info and your product totals including shipping and taxes (if applicable) before actually placing the order. See TIP below - take note of your customer code! It will make shopping easier next time your return.

If this looks OK you will click the bottom gray button to "Place Your Secure Order" which will take you to the Credit Card Info page where you put in your credit card info, then click the "Submit My Order" button to finish the transaction.

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