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    FireTape® Trail Marking tape makes common trail marking ribbon or tape OBSOLETE. With Velcro™ type hook and loop material at each end, you can use FireTape anywhere. Use it again and again. Lasts for years.

    FireTape® is made from a virtually indestructible two-ply prismatic high florescent flexible plastic that performs in heat or cold. FireTape® has hook/loop (Velcro) on each end, sewn (not glued) on for strength. Strips can be "chained" together for larger trees or posts.

    FireTape® is removable, reusable and washable, season after season. Or just leave it outside - it is TOUGH stuff.  FireTape® is visible during daylight because of its florescent quality, as well as brilliantly reflective at night or in low light. You need fewer FireTape® strips per distance than common trail tape because of their great visibility. GREAT PRODUCT FOR ALL TYPES OF NIGHT SAFETY & VISIBILITY - LIKE GEOCACHE,  PET COLLARS, CHILDREN'S BIKES, ROLLER BLADES AND MORE!  Each pack include 10 FireTape Trail Tapes.

    Ordinary trail ribbon or tape stretches, pulls apart, falls off trees or worse, gets grown INTO the tree causing damage, doesn't hold its color, doesn't last, leaves a mess in the environment, and worst of all it cannot be seen clearly or at all at night.

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