Your Way In, Your Way Out

• Can be seen from many directions, if you get turned around, you can get right back on trail

• Field tested and lab tested to be brighter than other trail markers

• Lasts for years, tough, durable, weatherproof, reusable

3D Pyramid FireTacks®
3D Pyramid FireTacks®
The surface face of the 3D Firetacks® are slightly greater than the 4D, so they can be seen at longer distances.
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4D Cube FireTacks®
4D Cube FireTacks®
4D Cube FireTacks® are great for trails with angles, like T-junctions or dog legs left and right.
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GeoTack Black or Green with Stealth Centers BOGO-FireTacks®
GeoTacks™ are great for GeoCache. Intentionally hard to see during the day, but reflect brilliant amber orange at night.
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FireTape™ Trail Marking tape has Velcro™ type hook and loop material at each end. Use it again and again. Lasts for years!
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From Our Customers


I use fire tacks to get me safely out of the woods at dark after hunting. I shine the flashlight and it is like having street lights lead me out of the swamp and woods. Love them!!

Robert C.

Not only are the products amazing so are the people. Even when I made a mistake they were kind and went above and beyond for me.

Ashley V.

Great Tacks. I use mostly the brown stealth tacks that are pretty much invisible during the day but very visible in the dark when a flashlight is used.

Glenn S.

Makes getting to the stand much easier even with low powered head lamp. You will not regret your purchase...

Thomas M.

The anxiety of finding a stand deep in the woods in pitch black night is no longer a problem. Getting lost is no longer an option!

John S.

These things are unreal bright at night. A huge upgrade over marking trees with ribbon. Customer service is also top notch!

Cory B.

Love these little guys!! Bright as hell! I bought the stealth ones and I can't even find 3/4 of them during the day. This is the first year using this product and I can't believe how quickly we got into our blind and tree stand! I will be a customer for life!

Brad G.

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Great products at great prices!