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Which FireTacks products should I use and why?

October 11, 2018

Which FireTacks products should I use and why?

The Answer?: Like most of life, "It Depends".  Below are some scenarios of which FireTacks to use, where, when and why.

 In General:

Place 3D FireTacks on straight trails by putting them on sides of trees to be viewed coming and going. Use 4D FireTacks at sharp turns or T-junctions.

Use single FireTacks or FireTape on the main trail. Mark your destination with two or three FireTacks on a tree or other object, to mark your Cache, stand or other destination. Use GearMarkers to permanently mark objects, ladder stands, gear, boxes, ATVs, Trailers and more.

Private Land - Use Blaze or WildFire FireTacks because they stand out the brightest day and night.

Public Land - Use Stealth or Diamond Bright FireTacks to hide trails in daytime, but they are super bright at night.

Multiple Trails - Use a different color FireTacks or FireTape to mark each trail.

Changing Trails - Or removing old trails and starting new trails. IT IS BEST to remove FireTacks at NIGHT. Go to the END of your trail, and remove the FireTacks from trails end to it's beginning. You are bound to miss FireTacks during the daytime and leaving FireTacks on old trails can get confusing in the dark when various FireTacks are still shining bright. Remember, they can last up to 10 years!

OPEN Areas - Fewer FireTacks are needed in wide open spaces.  Place 2 FireTacks up/down about an inch apart and at distances up to 100 yards.  Or use FireTape on bushes, brush or saplings.  FireTape is great in open spaces because it has more reflective surface, so it can be see a LONG ways off.

Dense or Wooded Areas - The in deep forests is "line of site".  Again, placing FireTacks or FireTape is best done at night in the case if heavy woods.  Decide on your trail route, then place your first FireTacks product at the trail head (start).  Follow your planned trail while looking back at your first FireTacks so be sure you can see them.  You may need to remove low twigs or leaves to keep a clear line of sight.  Keep placing FireTacks in this manner.  At your destination, place 2 or 3 FireTacks on a tree.  You may want to place 2-3 FireTacks around the circumference of the tree.

Trail Maintenance - FireTacks are reusable and can be put up and taken down multiple times over multiple years. And, they can be left up year round through rain, sun, snow, etc.   However, if you leave your FireTacks up all the time, year round, be sure to do Trail marking maintenance checks before you have to depend on your FireTacks trails.  Falling branches, birds or squirrels may mess with your FireTacks trail and you want to refresh that trail at least annually.

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