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    What are FireTacks®?

    FireTacks® are multi-directional, reusable and made from high quality plastic with coated pins to resist rust and avoid tree damage. The 3M commercial grade prismatic reflective material is "Retro-Reflective" and both the material and the reflectivity will last for up to ten years and beyond. FireTacks® have been tested in the photometric Lab at 3M Company in Minnesota, and are proven to be up to 10 times as bright as any other reflective markers.

    FireTacks® are over 500 times as bright in wet weather like rain, fog, and morning dew conditions. Ordinary trail tacks virtually disappear in these same conditions. FireTacks® can be placed much further apart then ordinary tacks because of their incredible reflective qualities at great distances. Each pack include 25 FireTacks® Trail Markers.