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    FireTacks® GearMarkers™ are a great way to mark tree stands, tree steps, geocache, your bow & arrows, ATV, snowmoblie, trailers, motor homes, or other gear so it can be located easily at night or in low light conditions. These are the same die cut shapes (circles, bars, squares, etc.) that were used with our HotDots but with GearMarkers you get a handy sheet of many shapes that can be applied to plastic, metal or wood and last for years. Use them on fence posts, gates, doors, steps, building or anything you want to find in the dark.  They can be placed anywhere where visibility and safety are important at night or during low light conditions.  AVAILABLE IN THREE  COLORS:  Stealth Bright Brown, Blaze Orange and Ice White.

    Each pack includes 1 sheet of FireTacks GearMarkers, measuring 4x6 inch, die cut in various shapes... nothing goes to waste.

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