Our Story

Minnesota based WildTech Corporation designs, manufactures and represents products for hunting and the outdoors. The signature FireTacks® are the brainchild of inventor Linda K Dahlen, who developed the products after several years of testing back in the mid-'90's, at first with hand made prototypes in Minnesota public forests while hunting with her son, Matt Burch. In fact, it was Matt, now age 38, who came up with the name "FireTacks®" when he was age 14 - as he noted that they looked like little fires guiding people through the woods.  

The first year we made our handmade prototypes and used them, Matt and I each harvested our first whitetail deer a full mile and half into the untamed snowy forests of the Mille Lacs Wildlife Management Area in east central Minnesota. With their beginnings in the Minnesota north woods, by real people who tested the product over several years, in severe weather conditions and hunting public land from their tent, FireTacks® have a legacy based in reality. In fact, hunting, fishing, and the great outdoors have been a legacy for 4 generations in our family. FireTacks® were invented by real ethical hunters who hunted public lands. 

What this means is, you have a product that is proven by over  20 years of practical use and is now the favorite of tens of thousands of consumers world wide. We do not hire spokespersons for an untested product of nebulous value. Our spokespersons are kids all the way to grandparents, of both genders and all nationalities. Our products are used not only by hunters, but by families and non hunters who participate in night time games like geocache, paintball and other sports. Additionally, we have a large contingency of scientific researchers and law enforcement who use our products because of their reliability. No fuss, no muss, no batteries, no maintenance. Just a simple idea that has worked for two decades.

FireTacks® products were also certified by the North American Hunting Club during their first year on the market. Thousands of sample FireTacks products were sent to field testers who not only provided their critical feedback for the NAHC certification process, but also responded to WildTech's own independent survey so we could improve our products based up the feedback of real people who used them. FireTacks® were also field tested by numerous other organizations and professional writers for honest feedback about product performance in the field. Our spokespersons are our long term customers who have used our products for years. FireTacks® speak for themselves. They have stood the test of time, and they work.

WildTech Corporation and FireTacks® debuted at the Minnesota Deer Classic in March 2001, followed by their trade industry debut at the 2002 AMO (now ATA) Trade Show. FireTacks® were voted in the Top Ten New Products, Best of the 2002 AMO Show by Inside Archery Magazine. WildTech was in the Archery Trade Association and SHOT Shows in 2003 through 2006 and in 2003 we were recognized as one of the Show's Best by the Phalanx Media Group. FireTacks® products can be found at outdoor stores, Geocache stores, and many archery, hunting, outdoor and sporting goods dealers and web sites in the United States and Internationally.

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Linda Kistler Dahlen
For more information contact: firetacks@frontier.com