FireTacks Dealers

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DEALER INFORMATION:  Dealer inquires are welcome.  Standard retail discounts for minimum one case quantities (25 packages of product per case) are available for qualified dealers worldwide.  "Qualified" means an individual or entity is in the business of re-selling to other Dealers or to Consumers and is responsible for levying and remitting sales tax to taxing agencies in their particular sales market(s).  Sales tax will not be charged for products that WildTech sells to Dealers.  Case quantities of 25 packages of product per case can be mixed and matched with a variety of our products.  Generally, Dealer pricing is 40% or more off our retail pricing as shown at, with minor variances product to product.  All orders must be prepaid by credit card, PayPal, direct bank wire transfer or certified check.  Eligibility for Net 30 payment terms for USA Dealers,  can be attained after one year of being a FireTacks dealer in good standing after approved credit application through WildTech.  All Dealers off shore are required to prepay before we ship orders.  All Dealer orders will be quoted up front and will include a small handling charge (for packaging), 4% merchant fee chargeback if you use a credit card or PayPal, and actual shipping cost.  WildTech usually ships USPS for International Orders, but can ship UPS or FedEx if you have an account with these shippers.  If you have an account with another delivery service, we can arrange for your order to be picked up using your account number in Minnesota 56342, United States of America.  Distributors must order and ship 25 case quantities minimum per year in order to qualify for Distributor pricing.  For further information, send us an email through our About Us or Contact Us pages on this web site.  We guarantee all our products to be defect free or we will cheerfully refund your purchase price or replace product by mutual agreement.

CONSUMER INFORMATION:  FireTacks products are available online at and at dealers in the United States and worldwide, both in stores an on the internet.  For dealers in your state or country, do an internet search for "FireTacks Dealers", or you can order directly from our web site.  Shipping times vary to countries outside of the United States.  We ship to all countries, but you may experience customs delays for shipments to Netherlands, Latvia, Denmark and perhaps other countries.  Please have patience when you order from our web site and allow 6 weeks shipping.  We ship outside the USA using the United States Postal Service which means we can track your order once it leaves US shores.  Delay by your country's customs is something not under the control of, or the responsibility of WildTech Corporation.

                                             FIRETACKS PRODUCT LISTING

3D FireTacks
    Colors:  Blaze Orange, Ice White, Stealth Brown, Diamond Bright (gray), new WildFire (yellow)

4D FireTacks
    Colors:  Blaze Orange, new WildFire (yellow), Ice White, Stealth Brown, Diamond Bright (gray), FireFly (yellow/green)

FireTacks GeoTacks aka HotDots
    HotDots aka GeoTacks - black hex flat tacks using Stealth Bright reflective technology, now available. Other colors limited availability (see products on this web site)

FireTape Trail Ribbon
    Colors:  Hot Blaze Orange, KillerBee Yellow, Original Blaze (limited quantities)

FireTacks GearMarkers
    Colors:  Blaze Orange, Stealth Brown, Ice White or Diamond Bright (limited quantities)

FireTacks Combo Kit (25-3D, 25-4D, 10 FireTapes in Black Box with Logo)
    In Custom Combinations of the above FireTacks and FireTape in our Black Box, for your customer needs, including GEOCACHE packages

FireTacks Mini-Combo Kit  (16-3D and 16-4D FireTacks in Little Black Box with Logo)  In Custom Combinations of the above FireTacks in our Little Black Box, for your customer needs, including GEOCACHE packages

FireTacks Field Test Kit
    A sampling of one each of our reflective products, GearMarkers, FireTacks and FireTape 

FireTacks Black Box with Logo
    Same handy box as our Combo Kit, but just the box, high density foam lined to insert FireTacks and for silence afield

FireTacks Little Black Box with Logo
    Same handy box as our Mini Combo Kit, but just the box, high density foam lined to insert FireTacks and for silence afield

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WildTech/FireTacks® Dealers (listed in order of recent transactions with WildTech)


Groundspeak, Seattle WA, USA
BattlBox, Georgia

dogeo GmbH, Germany
 TFTC Nerike, Sweden
 CacheatNight, Canada
 Cachemporium, Maine, USA
 Cachebox, Colorado, USA
 GeoWhat?GeoStuff!, Australia
 Geogrej, Denmark
 Infinite Archery, Iowa, USA
 Geocachingshop, Netherlands
 Accupoint, Alaska, USA
 Landsharkz aka Edley Imagineering, Canada
 Symbolism Retail Ltd, United Kingdom
 Geocachen, Sweden
 101 Geo, Australia
 Mr. Cache GbR, Germany
 Geocaching Shop, Germany
 note: this is only a partial list