Customer Success Story by Earl Carter

It was cool morning on 11/25/02 and the temperature was in the upper 20's on the third day of rifle season. I used Firetacks to guide my way to my stand quickly and quietly in the dark.
I had been sitting in my stand for about 45 minutes and hadn't seen an thing. I decided to move down the ridge closer to the bottom. I had been hunting this ridge for three staight days and had seen several small bucks but it is a hunting club and we do not harvest small bucks. At 8:15, I had still not seen a shooter buck, just a couple of spikes. I thought I would try rattling. After 5 or 6 minutes of rattling I sat quietly waiting. 15 minutes passed then I hear something running down the ridge across from me. When I saw him it took a couple seconds to make sure he was a shooter(heavy cover). When I decided to take the shot he was quartering away about 65 yards I raised the .270 and sqeezed. I saw him flinch then I saw blood on his front left shoulder but he didn't go down. I fired again as he ran off. I waited 30 min. then went looking for blood, but found none, and thought "oh no - he couldn't get away". I waited 20 more min. and followed the path I thought he took. I didn't walk far and found him laying down with his head up I didn't take any chances and finish him.He dressed 150 and scored 125, 3 1/2 years old.

Your friend, Earl Carter

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